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Lip Filler Injections with Dermal Fillers

Melbourne Anti-Wrinkle Injections offer professional Lip Filler and Dermal Filler Injection treatments performed by specialised practitioners with extensive experience in enhancing lip line, volume and appearance.

Both men and women recognise the attraction of nice and healthy full lips. The majority of Hollywood Stars opt for having lip filler injection treatment to achieve a healthier and more attractive look. Style, attractive appearance and health are some of the characteristics of Melbourne city, as such, the lip filler injection treatment has become popular amongst both, men and women, over the past few years.

Lip injections are a cosmetic procedure that must be performed by a qualified practitioner. Lip filler products and methods have evolved over time and the progress is aimed at ensuring that product safety is optimum to reduce any potential risks to the patient’s overall health. The products we use in lip injections are natural bio-identical gels that are well tolerated by the body. The methods we apply are modern injection methods designed to achieve best lip filler delivery and results.

Lips Filler Treatments – or – Injectable Lip Enhancement is essentially a procedure that involves injecting dermal fillers into the lips and areas surrounding the lips to reshape the lips and mouth, even them out, reduce wrinkles and vertical lines as well as add volume and healthier look to the lips and surrounding areas.

Enhancing the appearance of the lips may not be limited to just injecting fillers into the lips, it may involve injecting the dermal filler into the surrounding area of the lips to correct the upper lip lines, filling the hollow areas around the mouth and lift the mouth corners to avoid imbalance or disproportion and provide an attractive natural overall look.

Dermal Filler and Lip Fillers are often used for the same purposes, however, the choice of the type of filler may depend on the area at which it is injected. Our qualified practitioners will discuss with you the best product and gel fillers, the amounts of products required and the costs of the treatment at the time of your initial consultation.

Generally, a treatment can take up to one hour and may cost between $400 to $1400. At Melbourne Anti-Wrinkle Injections, we are focused at achieving the best results for clients and are proactive in presenting options that are affordable without compromising the quality or results. Our practitioners have extensive knowledge of lip filler products and are able to offer professional advice on all dermal and lip filler injection options.

Lip Filler Treatments should always be discussed in details with the client where products, use of anaesthetic, procedure steps, duration, price, effect and after-care are all discussed and explained prior to performing the procedure. Below are the most common questions we receive from our client in relation to the lip filler injection treatment. We understand that you may have other questions and we invite you to call us or make an appointment for a consultation so that we are able to explain the procedure in further detail.

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