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Lip Fillers and Lip Injections By Melbourne based Doctor.

Melbourne Anti-Wrinkle Injections offer professional Lip Filler and Dermal Filler Injection treatments performed by specialised practitioners with extensive experience in enhancing lip line, volume and appearance.

Both men and women recognise the attraction of nice and healthy full lips. The majority of Hollywood Stars opt for having lip filler injection treatment to achieve a healthier and more attractive look. Style, attractive appearance and health are some of the characteristics of Melbourne city, as such, the lip filler injection treatment has become popular amongst both, men and women, over the past few years.


Botox Injections

Lip injections are a cosmetic procedure that must be performed by a qualified practitioner. Lip filler products and methods have evolved over time and the progress is aimed at ensuring that product safety is optimum to reduce any potential risks to the patient’s overall health. The products we use in lip injections are natural bio-identical gels that are well tolerated by the body. The methods we apply are modern injection methods designed to achieve best lip filler delivery and results.

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Melbourne Lip Injections Melbourne Lip Fillers
What are Lip Injections? Lip Injection in Melbourne

Lips Filler Treatments – or – Injectable Lip Enhancement is essentially a procedure that involves injecting dermal fillers into the lips and areas surrounding the lips to reshape the lips and mouth, even them out, reduce wrinkles and vertical lines as well as add volume and healthier look to the lips and surrounding areas.

Lip Injection in Melbourne

Enhancing the appearance of the lips may not be limited to just injecting fillers into the lips, it may involve injecting the dermal filler into the surrounding area of the lips to correct the upper lip lines, filling the hollow areas around the mouth and lift the mouth corners to avoid imbalance or disproportion and provide an attractive natural overall look.

Dermal Filler and Lip Fillers are often used for the same purposes, however, the choice of the type of filler may depend on the area at which it is injected. Our qualified practitioners will discuss with you the best product and gel fillers, the amounts of products required and the costs of the treatment at the time of your initial consultation.

Generally, a treatment can take up to one hour and may cost between $400 to $1400. At Melbourne Anti-Wrinkle Injections, we are focused at achieving the best results for clients and are proactive in presenting options that are affordable without compromising the quality or results. Our practitioners have extensive knowledge of lip filler products and are able to offer professional advice on all dermal and lip filler injection options.

Lip Filler Treatments should always be discussed in details with the client where products, use of anaesthetic, procedure steps, duration, price, effect and after-care are all discussed and explained prior to performing the procedure. Below are the most common questions we receive from our client in relation to the lip filler injection treatment. We understand that you may have other questions and we invite you to call us or make an appointment for a consultation so that we are able to explain the procedure in further detail.

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  • Lip Filler Injections Treatment using Dermal Fillers at our Melbourne Clinic
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How do Lip Fillers Work..?
Temporary Dermal Fillers

The temporary dermal fillers used by our doctors are made from hyaluronic acid, a non-allergenic substance that is naturally found in the skin. A variety of gel-like injectable products are available to plump out lines and wrinkles which have varying properties and durability. (Your doctor will advise which is the appropriate filler to achieve your desired look.)

Permanent Dermal Fillers

Made from polyacrylamide hydrogel, this dermal filler forms a soft and permanent implant under the skin once injected. Polyacrymides are widely used in medicine in the production of contact lenses and prosthetics. They are non-toxic due to their resistance to biodegradation and inability to pass into body membranes.

How much do Lip Filler Injections Cost..?
Lip and Dermal filler costs are dependent on the amount of filler required. Filler is priced per 0.5ml or 1ml and the cost varies between different types and brands of fillers. An accurate cost assessment can only be provided by our practitioners during your initial consultation visit as we need to identify the best product option for you and the amount of product required to reach the desired results.
The Consultation - What to expect..?
Melbourne Anti-Wrinkle Injections offer a Free Initial Consultation and there is no obligation on your part to go ahead with treatment. With any new treatment that you are considering at our Clinics, our medical practitioners will discuss your requirements with you and ensure all your questions are answered prior to the procedure taking place.

During your consultation visit, our practitioners will:

  • Tailor the treatment to suit your individual needs.
  • Discuss costs.
  • Discuss the use of local anaesthetic.
  • Discuss the risks of treatment.
  • Discuss any medical concerns you may have.
How long does the procedure take, and, how long before I see the results..?
Treatment with dermal filler takes around 20-30 minutes and with most patients a topical anaesthetic cream or a dental block injection is used to numb area before treatment.

The Doctor will be able to advise you at consultation stage whether you will require numbing cream. If you are required to numb the area prior to the procedure, your appointment will be made half an hour before your dermal filler treatment to ensure you are comfortable during the procedure.

A very fine needle is used to ‘fill’ the wrinkle, line or skin depression with dermal filler. The results are instant and some swelling may occur.

Temporary filler results are instant and can last from 3-9 months. There are newer products which can last up to 18 months or 2 years. With temporary fillers, repeat treatments are required regularly before the effect wears off, in order to maintain your look.

About Lip Fillers Melbourne

Permanent filler is administered with a fine needle. This type of filler takes the form of a soft and permanent implant under the skin once injected. After your first treatment with permanent filler, you may require a 2nd top up treatment to ensure that you achieve the look you desire. The Doctor will be able to advise you of this at consultation stage.

If you are considering permanent filler, we recommend you ‘test drive’ the look with a temporary filler before opting for a permanent solution.

If you do decide you would like to upgrade to a permanent product, there must be a 6 month gap between your last temporary filler treatment and your treatment with permanent filler before the doctor can administer a permanent solution to the treated area.

It is essential that you follow the post and pre treatment instructions for dermal filler that include avoiding fish oils, smoking and blood thinning products 7 days prior to treatment to reduce the risk of swelling and bruising.

We strongly recommend if you are preparing for a special event such as a wedding or work function that you have treatment 14 days prior to the event.

Will I like the look..?
The look created with filler can reduce the depths of lines and wrinkles and produce a younger, fresher look. Many patients have reported the positive effect that this type of facial rejuvenation has had on their daily lives.

If you do not like the look your treatment has given you, there is the option of reversing the treatment with a hyalase injection which dissolves and removes temporary filler. As permanent fillers are not reversible, we strongly recommend test driving the look with temporary filler before opting for a permanent solution.