Anti-Wrinkle Injections are a personal choice providing for a cosmetic treatment for patients seeking to restore a younger and more vibrant look by having facial wrinkles removed. The most common areas where facial wrinkles are clearly visible include the forehead lines, frown lines and around the eyes, known as Crow Feet Wrinkles. In addition to wrinkles, anti-wrinkles injections can be used to lift the eyebrows, reduce or remove gummy smiles by lowering the upper lip, treat the mouth area from pulling down and reduce or remove neck wrinkles, or neck bands. Anti-Wrinkle Injections Melbourne is an exclusive anti-wrinkle treatment clinic operated by professional anti-wrinkle injection practitioners with extensive experience in all types facial wrinkle treatments for clients presenting with different cases of facial wrinkles.

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As in any other form of cosmetic treatment, we encourage patients to know more about facial wrinkles and the anti-wrinkle injections treatment. We take the time to thoroughly examine our patients and discuss the best anti-wrinkle treatment solutions to address and deal with their concerns and restore the look they desire from the treatment. Below are some questions and answers that deal with the most questions we receive. We are, of course, happy to discuss each case with each patient respectively.

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What causes facial wrinkles..?
Facial wrinkles occur in the dermis, the second layer of skin which contains the proteins that give the skin elasticity and strength. With age, the dermis begins to thin causing the surface of the skin to depreciate. The dermis is made of 80% collagen and as we age, the collagen production slows down. Oil secreting glands enlarge as we age and become less efficient in lubricating the skin leaving it looking dry and dull, enhancing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. There are many factors that contribute to facial wrinkles including sun exposure, lack of antioxidants in our diets and smoking.
What are anti-wrinkle injections and how do they work..?
Anti-Wrinkle Injections are natural proteins generated from bacteria delivered to the muscles surrounding the facial lines and wrinkles. This causes the signalling from the nerve to the muscle to temporarily stop which immobilises or relaxes the over contracting muscles that cause wrinkles to appear. This temporary weakening of the muscle often results in smoothing the wrinkles out. Anti-Wrinkle Injections are a semi-permanent treatment and is considered effective to treat lines and wrinkles including crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and frown lines.
What are the areas that can be treated with anti-wrinkle injections..?
Anti-Wrinkle Injections are used to remove wrinkles on several areas including forehead wrinkles, frown lines above the bridge of the nose as well as crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes. In addition, the injections can be used to reduce neck bands – neck wrinkles, create eyebrow lift and correct the appearance of the mouth corners.
How is the procedure performed..?
Anti-Wrinkle proteins are injected directly into the targeted muscle areas using a very fine needle. Even though the procedure causes minimal discomfort, it can be assisted with the use of local anaesthetic creams or ice to reduce discomfort. Generally, the procedure is well tolerated and is completed within a few minutes. The targeted muscles are often identified well in advance and the amounts of injected proteins are very small. Anti-wrinkle injections gradually take effect and muscle relaxation is noticed within a number of days but can take up to two weeks.
Are anti-wrinkle injections painful..?
While the patient may experience a sting like sensation when injected, that discomfort is minimal and is often well tolerated. The injections are carried out using a very needle and any discomfort felt often ends with withdrawing the needle from the injected area. Generally, no pain or discomfort experienced after the injections.
What to expect after your anti-wrinkle injections treatment.
Patients may notice slight swelling or redness around the injected areas immediately after the anti-wrinkle injections have been administered. This is a normal reaction to the injections. These symptoms often disappear within the first hour after the injections. Even after these symptoms have disappeared, you may not notice any changes to forehead wrinkles, frown lines or crow’s feet wrinkles. The injections may take a few days to show some effect. While you are able to resume normal activities within two to four hours after the injections, it is strongly recommended that you take extra care during the first 24 hours after the injections. You should avoid undertaking activities that increase the flow of blood to the head and neck which may cause swelling and bruising. Therefore, it is important that you avoid undertaking heavy physical activities or being in warm environments for lengthy periods of time.
How to get the best results from anti-wrinkle injections.
The best results from anti-wrinkle injection treatments are the results which the client wishes to achieve, therefore, helping your practitioner realise your aim will ultimately help you achieve the results you seek. Different clients seek different results. While some opt for a completely wrinkle free looks, other seek to achieve more natural results by only reducing the wrinkles and retaining some movement and facial expression. Discussing those results with your practitioner at the time of the consultation is important. Feel free to bring photographs and images that resemble the results you seek to achieve as we believe it is a good tool to communicate your goals to your practitioner. In addition, being relaxed, free from stress or anxiety helps in optimising anti-wrinkle injection results. Therefore, we suggest that you allow the time needed for your anti-wrinkle injections treatment and recovery. Try not to schedule your treatment into a busy or eventful day. Following the after injections care recommendation and resting during the first 24 hours after the injections help achieve the best results and recovery.
Are anti-wrinkle injections safe..?
Anti-wrinkle injections are considered extremely safe. The proteins we use in anti-wrinkle injections are biocompatible natural proteins known and certified as safe and well tolerated. Our practitioners are qualified and well trained professionals with experience and knowledge in administering anti-wrinkle injections. During the initial consultation, our practitioners will be able to assess your fitness for the injections and advise you, in advance, of any risks that may arise due to your health circumstances. In the greater majority of cases, patients are well suited for the treatment as only a limited number of medical conditions that may be of concern. Anti-wrinkle injections are not recommended during pregnancy, breast-feeding and in certain rare neurological conditions. Our practitioners will go through the process of assessing your overall health for the purpose of the anti-wrinkle injections treatment and advise you accordingly during your initial consultation visit.

Anti -Wrinkle Injections may produce some minor side effects like itching, redness, swelling and bruising. In most cases, these side effects disappear within hours after the injections. In some cases, minor bruising may occur and can take up to three or 4 days to subside. There are no recorded fatal side effects to anti-wrinkle injections.

The Cost of Anti-Wrinkle Injections.
Clients often ask about the difference in pricing of anti-wrinkle injections at varying clinics. Essentially, the cost of treatments relies on the anti-wrinkle protein product used by the clinic as well as the dosage required for the treatment. At Melbourne Anti-Wrinkle Injections we offer more than one anti-wrinkle product and we offer our clients honest advice and opinion on the effectiveness of each product against their particular case respectively. Generally, the average cost of a treatment on a targeted facial area can be between $400 and $500. The cost of your anti-wrinkle injections will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.