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Platelet Rich Plasma Aka PRP Therapy in Melbourne is a natural procedure of repairing body tissues. This is a therapy where blood is normally extracted and then seperated into many platelets. This blood rich in platelets (PRP) is injected in the affected region or cosmetic locations of the body so that it can help in muscle repair and help growth.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy-What Conditions are Treated?

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy abbreviated PRP is an injection procedure which is used for treating the following health conditions:

  • -Prp hair treatment
  • -Prp facial treatment
  • Prp Injections for injury

The Work done by PRP injections Melbourne in Helping the Body

An individual who goes through Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy will generally experience effective healing of the body by way of a step by step procedure.

• The first response of the body to injury of the soft tissue is delivering platelet cells.

• Platelets are filled with healing and growth factors and therefore they are very good at repairing and attracting critical support of the stem cells.

• The natural healing procedure of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy intensifies the efforts of the body by rendering high concentration of blood platelets directly in the affected area of the body.

• For creating PRP, a very small blood sample is drawn and then the same is positioned in a quality centrifuge. This centrifuge spins the sample blood at a very high speed and thus separates the platelets from various other components. This entire procedure is handles by an expert lab technician manually. This helps in producing high concentration of blood platelets and pure collection of some of the most beneficial blood components.

• Next the PRP is injected around and into the hairline for hair loss for face for wrinkles, immediately starting and even significantly intensifying the healing procedure.

• In Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy the blood of the patient is used and thus there is absolutely no risk of any form of transmissible infections. There are also decreased chances of getting any form of allergic reactions.

The Time Span of Prp Treatmen Therapy

The Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy takes generally takes two to three hours including the preparation as well as the recovery time. This therapy, if performed in a safe manner at any medical office, possesses the ability of relieving pain without any risks of general anesthesia, hospital stays and surgery. The patients also do not need to spend a lot of time in getting completely recovery. Infact, there have been cases when people have returned to their usual activities and jobs immediately after going through the procedure.

What are the time-Intervals and platelet rich plasma injections cost per Procedure?

how often you need to get the procedure done is completely dependent on the discussion that you have with your doctor. You can take not more than three injections within a time frame of six months. Nevertheless, there are people who have not turned up for their third injection because they got completely relief from their pain after the first and the second injection.

Prp for hair loss expected Results.

The main aim of this therapy is to offer pain relief by way of healing. This is the reason why this therapy produces positive results. Improvements can easily be observed within a few weeks and gradually with the progression of the healing process. This therapy is very effective in relieving pain and getting patients back to leading their normal lives. Some possible side effects of this therapy include pain, infection, allergies and blood clots. Many studies are still being carried out on this therapy in order to understand its process of naturally healing the body.

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